5 Facts To Know About Vape Coils

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5 Facts To Know About Vape Coils

Post by Jessica121 » Fri Jun 11, 2021 1:25 am

A prerequisite to vaping is to know its setup. It does not take long to understand that the vape coils constitute a critical element of the scenario. It is the heart of the atomizer. Advanced technology has given vapors an infinite choice of vape coils. Choosing a perfect piece can be intimidating. However, understanding important facts about vape coils will make choosing them a breeze.

With this in mind, we cover some essential facts about vape coils here. Stay touted!

1. What is a vape coil?

Foremost, let's understand what a vape coil is.

Vape coils are also known as atomizer heads or clearomizers. It is the heating element between the battery and the e-liquid. The vape coils use the batteries to heat up to a specified temperature and then heats the liquid to evaporate into luscious vapor. Without a vape coil, you cannot vape.

However, all coils are not compatible with all vaping devices. This is because Ohm’s law determines the compatibility of a coil to a vaping device. In simple terms, a higher wattage level needs a lower resistance level of the coil.

All vape coils are constructed from a coiled wire or a piece of mesh and the wicking material. They function similarly but differ in their building material, amount of wire coils inside, and the type and volume of wicking material.

Vape coils constitute the reusable component of a vape. Hence you need to change them every 2-4 weeks when you find the flavor and quantity of vapor degrading.

2. Materials used for constructing vape coils

Different types of vape coils are constructed from different materials, which decide its ramp-up time, flavors, and the mode in which you should use it. Let's walk through a few leading materials used to make coils.


Ceramic is a porous material that facilitates excellent air passage. Offering a super-smooth draw, they tend to enhance the flavors. They are particularly suited for high wattages and are thus a preferred choice for high-powered mods. They also have higher longevity and prevent dry hits.

2. Stainless steel

It is another common material because of its excellent resistance to high temperature, durability, and longevity. It is a perfect choice with a 900mah vape battery and is often used in beginner and advanced vape devices.

3. Titanium

It is expensive but preferred for its softness and malleability. It offers a clean and crisp vaping taste but can only be used in vapes with a temperature control function.

4. Nickel

Offering thin and pliable wires, it is also a temperature-control-only wire that is unsuitable for variable wattage and variable voltage. However, it’s an excellent choice for low resistance.


It is an alloy made by combining aluminum, iron, and chromium. It is an excellent choice for use in wattage modes with a superfast heat-up time and awesome vapor production.

6. Nichrome

People choose it as an alternative to kanthal as it is more flavorful and has a quicker ramp-up time. But it is prone to burning and is used exclusively with wattage mode.

3. Different types of vaping coils

Now let’s look at the types of coils these materials can create. Each provides a different vaping experience.
Vertical coil

It has a single wrap of wire around which the wicking material is wrapped such that the air moves through its center.
Dual coil

It is similar to vertical coils but has two wraps of coil wire placed adjacent to each other. Here, two elements heat your e-liquid to produce more vapor.
1.Triple coil

With three wires, it offers a bigger surface area to produce large amounts of vapor. They constitute the sub-ohm coils.

2.Multiple coils

With more than three wires, they offer a massive surface area. These coils use high power and yield massive clouds of vapor.

3.Twisted coil

Instead of adjacent placement, the multiple wires are braided before molded into a coil shape. Such coils offer fantastic flavors.

4.Mesh coils

Here, the wires do not form a coil but take the shape of a mesh with small holes. With a massive surface area, these are an ideal choice for optimum flavors.

5.Net coils

These are mesh coils with bigger holes and look like a fishing net. They offer excellent flavors and vapors.

4.Vape coils and resistance

The electrical resistance between two points of a conductor is measured in ohms. This measurement is crucial in a coil and impacts your vaping experience. With that in mind, coils are of two types:

1.A sub-ohm coil

These are coils with low resistance. They provide giant clouds, warmer vapors, and slightly drier hits. They use more batteries to heat your e-liquid to a higher temperature. Likewise, they use e-liquids much faster.
A plus-ohm coil

Such coils have high resistance, use battery judiciously, and produce a cooler and less vapor. As a result, they are safer as they keep the temperature low, minimizing the number of carcinogens produced.

Wrapping up

Coils are an essential consideration when vaping. However, when understanding it, you must know that it does not offer clear black and white guidelines. They are essentially a matter of preference. You can only understand and nail the perfect piece by trial and error. Hence, be bold enough to experiment with different coils and vapes to experience its true delight.
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