Hive 2.0 Newbie HI

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Hive 2.0 Newbie HI

Post by gentry.fry » Tue May 14, 2019 12:39 am

Hive 2.0 concentrate cartridges great for concentrate or crumble, do not try to use the juice cartridge for anything thicker than Vape ejuice, anything thicker like THC concentrate oil (TruCLEAR, Surterra Pure Reserve, etc) will NOT keep the wick saturated and it will burn AND LEAK on you. Only Vape juice, not distillate or concentrate oils. Trust me I tried it. Lost a lot of oil. I’m bummed. Also, the concentrate cartridge is not designed for oil, it will also leak if you put more than a couple drops in it. Regret the purchase. So, do not purchase this device if you want to vape oils. Just my experience.
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Re: Hive 2.0 Newbie HI

Post by Rickieeijidale » Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:57 am

I must have been lucky cause I used the juice cartridge with THC Oil and had no problems at all. Perhaps I was just lucky, but I burned a whole gram of oil and had no leakage problems and it burned very well. One must take into consideration that different folks will make their oil differently, so perhaps my was perfect. Who knows the next oil I put in it may not burn well at all. The only hassle for me was the process of boiling water and putting the oil syringe into it to thin out the oil so I could inject it into the top of the oil cartridge. Also, I didn't fill the cartridge all the way to the top.
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