Yocan Animal Card Collecting Activity Is Online!

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Yocan Animal Card Collecting Activity Is Online!

Post by Sky » Wed Mar 27, 2024 3:28 am

Recently, the Yocan official animal card collection event was officially launched! Actively participate in our activities! Collect every animal card! You will receive unexpected prizes.

Introduction to animal card attributes
1. Our animal card design has 11 kinds of animal images (tiger, wolf, gorilla, snake, shark, dragon, lion, crocodile, elephant, dog, cat, 11 kinds in total.
2. Our animal cards are printed with independent numbers and official event QR codes. Scan the QR code for event details. Please use the animal card number to redeem prizes.
3. When redeeming your prize, please take photos and send them to Yocan.jimmy@yocan.com.

Introduction to card collecting activities
Yocan aims to allow more people to participate in our feedback activities and let everyone feel our efforts together. This event made more people aware of loving the animals on the earth and protecting them. Living together with humans on this beautiful earth means more. We designed the avatars of the animals. Let everyone feel better.

Animal collection card prizes
1. Collect 11 cards and you will get an Air Pod Pro.
2. Collect 10 cards and you will get one of any new Yocan products.
3. Collect 9 cards and get an official Yocan customized gift. (hat or USB flash drive or laptop)


Event notes
1. Please make sure you provide the correct contact information and address. We will send the prizes within 3-7 working days after redemption. Please keep an eye on the tracking.
2. If you have any questions, please contact Yocan.jimmy@yocan.com.

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