Yocan Kodo Animal Series Giveaway Winners

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Yocan Kodo Animal Series Giveaway Winners

Post by Sky » Wed Jun 05, 2024 2:07 am

The Yocan Kodo Animal Series giveaway has ended. Thank you for your participation. This event lasted for 7 days. In order to allow more people to earn points to win prizes, we will extend the Blade giveaway and increase the number of prizes next time! Stay tuned! Remember to follow us and tell people around you, to let us participate in the Yocan giveaway party every month! The original intention of the Yocan giveaway event is to let everyone have a deeper understanding of Yocan products through the event, and we also hope that Yocan fans can give us more suggestions. This lucky draw event has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated in the event! The 5 winners will be announced below!

Yocan Kodo Animal Series Giveaway Winners List
Thank you to the five winners for their support and hard work during the event. Thank you to the Yocan fans who have not yet won the prize! Looking forward to your success in the next giveaway!
First place winner of this event: And*** **iz
Second place winner: Ele** ***uner
Third place winner: Elizab*** **dgood
Fourth place winner: Die** ***eza
Fifth place winner: Step*** **lly
Congratulations to the five winners above. Each of them will receive a brand new Yocan Kodo Animal Series! Please pay attention to Yocan’s official award email. We will contact you by email to obtain your prize delivery address information. Yocan will send all prizes to your designated delivery address for free!
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Fans who haven’t won yet, please don’t be disappointed! Please look forward to the next Yocan giveaway! If you have a favorite Yocan vape or have better suggestions for Yocan products, please contact us. You can leave a message on the Yocan official website/Yocan forum. Looking forward to your interaction with us. For fans who won the Yocan Kodo Animal Series this time, if you need to know more about the device, please remember to check the Yocan manual!
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