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How to Take Evolve Plus A Hit

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:18 am
by sjhbrmex
#1 Loading
Unscrew the Mouthpiece from the top of the pen.

#2Unscrew the Coil Cap from the top of the pen.

#3 Keeping the pen upright, carefully place your material (crumble, shatter or ***) into the coil cup. Use a tamping tool (pencil eraser?) to gently push the material down into the cup.

Start with an amount equal to about 2 cooked grains of rice. With experience, you will then be able to adjust the amount (hit numbers/ size per load).
#4 Screw the Coil Cap back onto the top loosely.

#5 Screw the Mouthpiece back onto the top loosely.

#6 Hitting
There is a REASON for NO INSTRUCTIONS from Yocan. It SEEMS that different versions of the SAME VAPE PEN work differently.

# 7
TAKE A HIT (instructions A - found online) -