Yocan ARI Latest Review

Yocan Series twist variable voltage batteries include the Yocan ARI Slim, ARI Mini, ARI and ARI plus. Wholesale ARI vape batteries: info@yocantech.com

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Yocan ARI Latest Review

Post by Sky » Thu Jul 07, 2022 5:32 am

Here is a latest review of YoCAN ARI:

"Recently got the Yocan Ari and have many pens from different brands around the house. At this point, I am a collector but when I go out I like to take something that’s easy to pocket and has decent battery life. So far I am enjoying the slim the most for its size & battery life has been great. These are a really nice option for the pure fact that they have the adjustable voltage from 1.8v-4.2v on the bottom of the pen. Also nice to have the USB-c for quick charging. They operate like mostly all pens on the market and have a few great features such as a preheating function and a safety cut-off. I highly recommend any one of them if you are looking for an affordable 510 thread pen with adjustable voltage. Definitely give them a look."

Author: justpassedu
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