Yocan ARI PLUS Review

Yocan Series twist variable voltage batteries include the Yocan ARI Slim, ARI Mini, ARI and ARI plus. Wholesale ARI vape batteries: info@yocantech.com

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Yocan ARI PLUS Review

Post by Sky » Wed Jul 27, 2022 2:27 am

Guys, here is a latest review to show our YoCAN ARI Plus performance. Check it as below,

"I have to say these are exceptional pens from what I have found out so far. They aren't that fancy, but have everything you need in a pen for use with higher-grade oils. From the preheat till the changeable voltage meter on the bottom of the pen. These pens range about 10/12 dollars each and you can't beat that. It does not have a special led box like the Yocan UNI Pro, but other than that it has the exact same features. I am getting identical hits from my Ari and Uni pro so you know. Don't sleep on these. They do come in 4 sizes. Depending on how discreet you wanna be😎"

Author: jamiej2711

Welcome to try, check our Yocan Products, and send your reviews here!
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