Yocan Cubex Unboxing Review

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Yocan Cubex Unboxing Review

Post by Michelle » Thu Dec 01, 2022 2:50 am

Yocan CUBEX is square design makes it feel sleek and modern but also retro a bit. And it has an easy to remove mouthpiece that's attached with magnets making it easy to operate. With the new TGT coils, you can chuck a lot in there and it doesn't degrade the oil as most do as it's quartz and ceramic. It's SUPER tasty on par with the puffco plus and its bucket size is massive compared to that as well. It's USB C which is just great. What I would like to see on it are a see and adjustable voltage but it does have 3 different heat settings with a low temp preheat to help preheat your oil or take super tasty hits. I use the lowest setting or medium. I find the highest setting chuck massive clouds with a heavy high to go with it but you go through your concentrates a lot faster. This thing still chucks clouds even in the lowest temp. I've been hitting this daily for a month and haven't noticed any flavour degradation as well.

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