Yocan Delux Box Mod Kit Innovative Design

Yocan DeLux is a portable 2 in 1 box mod kit,enabling users to enjoy oil or concentrate vaping on-the-go in a discreet manner
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Yocan Delux Box Mod Kit Innovative Design

Post by exhnvytp » Mon Feb 18, 2019 2:27 am

The Yocan Delux is made from steel that has a nice finish and it feels very silky and sturdy when you touch it. It has very excellent design so all parts fit precisely well, so the engineers who worked on this project made a good job. The bigger device has a small storage space that’s built to keep the smaller vaporizer inside. When you don’t want to carry the oil mod, then you can just keep there a concentrate container instead of smaller vaping device. It’s made to fit precisely, plus it’s very comfortable for people who vape concentrate outside. In general , this product has outstanding design.

Yocan Delux Box Mod Kit: Simple Exterior Design

The Yocan Delux’s appearance looks a lot like of a mod and tank e-cig kit. Majority of people will think that it is an e-juice vaping device because of the size and form. I don’t see anything bad in the exterior design, however few things they might have done better. The finish is great, and the mod’s overall exterior design is good. Although it looks simple, regardless of the great performance. Probably they made it plain deliberately. Perhaps designers wanted for this vaporizer not to get a lot of attention. However they still could make it to look better.

Source: Yocan DeLux W ax and Oil 2 in 1 Mod Review And Vaping Experience
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