Yocan Evolve Plus - Pro Tips & Tricks Update

The Yocan Evolve Plus is a uniquely (just like its counter part, the Evolve) vaporizer but now with a bigger chamber and battery.

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Re: Yocan Evolve Plus - Pro Tips & Tricks Update

Post by Jimmy » Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:11 am

Over the coming weeks I'm going to document the way I use my Yocan Evolve Plus, and why. I've had a few mates come to me with issues amost solely due to lack of maintenance or electrical/mechanical sympathy so here goes. Please chime in with your experiences.

Just to preface again, this info is not for experienced vaporists or people with electromechanical sympathy, rather a what to do and what not to do for the average user.

I will be writing all my advice based on the Ceramic Donut Coil, as I feel it is the superior option if you like the low and slow and flavorful clouds as I do. If anyone is more experienced with the hotter less flavorful QDC please throw in your 2c

This battery has a 5 quick clicks to lock and unlock, and another great feature that many don't understand. When you do your 5 quick clicks to lock or unlock you'll get a triple flash to confirm. You'll take your hit, then let go of the button and mysteriously the light will come back on for a few seconds. This is to remind you to take your cool down draw and cool the airpath down to resolidify your wax. Do it! Avoids mess and keep airpath unclogged. While we're on that topic store it upright for the same reason.

DO NOT OVEROAD - the Evolve Plus (EP) has its own silicon wax container attached. There is no need to turn your brand new EP into the Exxon oil spill. Add a dab about the size of a grain of rice, 2 max.

DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THREADS - it will just make your life difficult.Once you've overtightened the thread and let it clag up with oil, you'll need to wam it up again and possibly even use pliers to remove it. The perfect setting will be with the base tightened to the battery the minimum amount that you can screw the mouthpiece and splatter cap on without too much trouble.

Onto the splatter cap. Use it! Makes cleaning a breeze but again DONT OVERTIGHTEN IT!! I personally only give mine a 1-1.5 turns as it stays on fine and I know ill be having another vape shortly. The other main thing to remember with the splatter cap is that the harder you draw on the mouthpiece the more youll have to clean off the splatter cap, cause guess what, if you heat up oil, then blast air through it, its gonna splatter. Draw gentle, get thick tasty clouds and a clean waxpen.

Let the button off and keep drawing in air. I personally usually do a 5-10 seond hit, release the button, and keep slowly drawing in until the light has come back on and turned off again (as metioned above). I clean my unit every 2-3 grams and it doesnt get blocked.

Cleaning - I dont understand why someone would buy a beautiful device like the EP and then expect to treat it worse than a hash pipe and have it continue to produce clean flavourful clouds. I use a small bottle of warm (70 deg C) 95% ethanol for cleaning, and a small spray bottle with 95% ethanol. Every 2-3 grams I take the base, coil and mouthpiece and soak them in the warm ethanol for about 10 mins. EDIT If this is not enough to clean your CDC just soak longer. I use winterised full melt extracts so its usually fine for me. Again if this is still not enough, switch to isopropyl alcohol, its a more agressive solvent. Dont scratch up your ceramic, gentle nylon brush if you absolutely have to. Then I rinse my delicious honey brown cleaning oil off with fresh ethanol into a small stainless steel dish and add it to the reclaim ethanol bottle. Once its lovely and thick, or I'm impatient, I throw it in my 500ml still and reclaim the ethanol. If I had access to everclear I would skip this step and just low heat or vac purge my reclaim on PTFE sheet for an orally active decarbed oil, which also tastes pretty good vaping back through the EP. The same procedure can be performed with Isopropyl alcohol, but I prefer the taste of ethanol oils and they're healthier.


a. If you are using the QDC you should load your rice grain sized dab onto the top of the 2 coils, preferably without touching them. The way to acieve this is to only very lightly attach your dab to the dab tool, then touch the dab to the coils very gently so the tool never touches the wire coil. If it's still stuck to the dab tool a quick pulse on the EP button should help detatch it. Sometime when I've scraped a bunch of reclaim or somthing really sticky, I'll hit the dab tool with the blowtorch just lightly enough to help the dab drop onto the coil.

b. If you are using the CDC as I do, the technique is very similar, but you want to drop the dab on the donut, not in the hole.

At this point there is an optional step of lightly pulsing the coil to help melt and spread the oil. I personally don't do this as I want to inhale anytime I'm heating my wax. (Dont want those terps going to waste :)

So now you're ready for a vape, for the QDC I used to give a 3-5 sec push of the button followed by a few pulses about 1-3 seconds apart. I'd start gently inhaling about 2 seconds into the initial press, then continue for 7-10 seconds after the final pulse.

For the CDC I've been holding the button down for 10 second constant. Gentle inhalation from the 2 second point, until 10 seconds after I release the button. I found continuing inhalation for this long had 2 benefit. Number 1 it is your cool down draw, helping to resolidify your oil, and prevent leaks. Number 2, and this is one that nobody really describes, but lots of people benefit from. If you breath in a bunch of fresh air at the end of your dab, you'll force the valuable but irritating vapor deeper into your lungs, and further away from your mouth, oropharynx and larynx. This means that when you hold your vapor in, youre not holdin it right over all the bits of your airway that get irritated and make you cough. It's an especially useful technique when using water pipes and cones or nails.

Hold the vapor in for as long as comfortable. Any visibe vapor exhaled did not get absorbed, so is technically wasted oil. Also the longer its held in the less visible and smellable it is, so the more discrete.

Store the EP upright till the next vape if possible. If you have to pocket it, try to keep it upright in your pocket too.

Keep an eye on how the wax and carbon debris is building up on your coil and clean before it goes too black. This will make your life easier over time and make you coils last longer.

Finally, When Ive been charging my EP I've noticed the battery does warm up a touch, and tends to soften or melt whats stored in the silicon pot, so If I've got some nice sized dabs already broken up in there, I'll remove the pot before charging to prevent them from melting. Try not to leave your EP on charge after the red light goes out. Although it does have some overcharge protection, I'm not sure of the exact design of this circuit and Yocan recommendeds not overcharging.

Ok thats the last addition to the initial post complete, from here I'll add some pics in, then all additional info wil be in discussion format in the comments.

Apologies for this giant wall of text, I certainly do get on a rant sometimes :) This info is not sourced or approved by yocan, and is just my personal experience and opinions. Hope it can be useful to folks getting started with their EPs.

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Re: Yocan Evolve Plus - Pro Tips & Tricks Update

Post by cutis » Fri Jan 03, 2020 4:37 pm

All 3 wax pens 3 flashes when heating but none.
Means supv circuitry dumb can not realize open circuit inside battery sealed switch section.
Volt measure reveals internal open, potentially runaway thermal fuse opened.
Jimmy doesn't reply saying plate overwhelmed by warranty claims.
Scary situation yocan product quality sabotaged but why and by whom sabotaged factory quality so very junk unpolished machining surface finish roughness sandpaper and electrode exposure tolerance all vary from blueprint specs, and cast metal flashing sharp edges remain snags the cotton swab cleaning, and the exterior polyurethane finish doesn't adhere making coating very unsightly.
Factory is laughing at deficiencies unchecked
Customers frustrated Jimmy overwhelmed playing hookie "I'll get back to you, never"
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