Yocan Evolve Plus Tips from Yocan fans

The Yocan Evolve Plus is a uniquely (just like its counter part, the Evolve) vaporizer but now with a bigger chamber and battery.

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Yocan Evolve Plus Tips from Yocan fans

Post by Michelle » Tue Jul 05, 2022 5:01 am

How to get the most from Yocan Evolve Plus, this experience sharing comes from YOCAN fans, hope it can help everyone.

A. If you are using the QDC of Yocan Evolve Plus, you should load your rice grain-sized dab onto the top of the 2 coils, preferably without touching Yocan coils. The way to achieve this is to only very lightly attach your dab to the Yocan dab tool, then touch the dab to the coils very gently so the dab tool never touches the wire coil. If it's still stuck to the dab tool a quick pulse on the Yocan Evolve Plus button should help detach it. Sometimes when I've scraped a bunch of reclaims or something really sticky, try to hit the Yocan dab tool with the blowtorch just lightly enough to help the dab drop onto the Yocan coil.

B. If you are using the Yocan QDC, the technique is very similar, but you want to drop the dab on the Yocan donut coils, not in the hole.

At this point, there is an optional step of lightly pulsing the coil to help melt and spread the oil. I personally don't do this as I want to inhale anytime I'm heating my wax. (Don't want those terps going to waste :)

So now you're ready for a vape, for the Yocan QDC, I used to give a 3-5 sec push of the button followed by a few pulses about 1-3 seconds apart. I'd start gently inhaling about 2 seconds into the initial press, then continue for 7-10 seconds after the final pulse.

For the CDC I've been holding the button down for 10 seconds constant. Gentle inhalation from the 2-second point, until 10 seconds after I release the button. I found continuing inhalation for this long had 2 benefits. Number 1 is your cool-down draw, helping to resolidify your oil, and prevent leaks. Number 2, and this is one that nobody really describes, but lots of people benefit from. If you breathe in a bunch of fresh air at the end of your dab, you'll force the valuable but irritating vapor deeper into your lungs, and further away from your mouth, oropharynx and larynx. This means that when you hold your vapor in, you're not holding it right over all the bits of your airway that get irritated and make you cough. It's an especially useful technique when using water pipes and cones or nails.

Hold the vapor in for as long as comfortable. Any visible vapor exhaled did not get absorbed, so is technically wasted oil. Also, the longer it's held in the less visible and smellable it is, so the more discrete.

Store the Yocan Evolve Plus upright till the next vape if possible. If you have to pocket it, try to keep it upright in your pocket too.

Keep an eye on how the wax and carbon debris is building up on your Yocan coil and clean before it goes too black. This will make your life easier over time and make Yocan coils last longer.

Finally, When I've been charging my Yocan Evolve Plus I've noticed the battery does warm up a touch and tends to soften or melt what's stored in the silicon pot, so If I've got some nice-sized dabs already broken up in there, I'll remove the pot before charging to prevent them from melting. Try not to leave your Yocan Evolve Plus on charge after the red light goes out. Although it does have some overcharge protection, I'm not sure of the exact design of this circuit, and Yocan recommended not overcharging.

Get more on Yocan's official website: www.yocan.com
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