Yocan Kodo Animai series main features

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Yocan Kodo Animai series main features

Post by Sky » Wed May 15, 2024 3:09 am

The product design of the Yocan Kodo Animal series comes from the animals living in the forest, expressing the characteristics of each animal. There are gentle ones and fierce ones, just like the experience every time you smoke a vape.
Product main features:
1. Handheld type (handheld battery, small size, suitable for any environment, especially traveling)
2. 3 voltage adjustment levels (set 2.5V-3.0V-3.5V, precise adjustment, worry-free customized vaping experience)
3. 10-second preheating (ten-second preheating function to maintain supply and demand requirements at any time)
4. 15 seconds safety cut-off (providing safety protection function to ensure the safety and comfort of the equipment at all times)
5. Type-C port (Type-C charging port, strong compatibility)
6. Hanging hole (humanized design, easy to carry)
7. 900mAh battery capacity (large-capacity battery, providing a steady stream of power)
8. 510 thread 510 interfaces (strong compatibility, with 510 thread design)
10. The fuselage provides 10 animal attributes (elephant, tiger, wolf, lion, gorilla, crocodile, cat, snake, dog, and shark)
To learn more about the Yocan Kodo Animal series, click on the Yocan official website to learn more.
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