Thumb-sized CBD battery Yocan Kodo Pro

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Thumb-sized CBD battery Yocan Kodo Pro

Post by Michelle » Thu Sep 15, 2022 6:07 am

If you have high requirements for the concealment of the battery, you must not miss Yocan's latest CBD battery, Yocan Kodo Pro. This is a version upgrade based on the old Yocan Kodo, not only adding an OLED screen to the original version, but also There is a port count function, and it is also upgraded to a Type C charging port.

Main Features:
Carts Compatibility>0.8ohm
10 Sec Preheat
10 Sec Safety Cut-off
Type-C Charging Port
Adjustable Voltage (1.8-4.2V)
510 thread
400mAh Battery

Design of Yocan Kodo Pro 510 Thread battery

As you can see, Yocan Kodo Pro is tiny! Have you ever seen such a small device? It's about the size of my thumb, and you can hold the whole thing in your hand. That’s about 20mm * 17mm * 53mm.
On the top is the 510 connector, which means you can use any size of the 510-compatible atomizer.

Performance and Functionality of Yocan Kodo Pro

The Kodo pro has a comprehensive voltage range. The adjustable voltage range is from 1.8V to 4.2V. Notably, its voltage can be accurate to 0.1V. Simply press the left (-) and right (+) buttons to get the finest and desired voltage setting.

More importantly, Yocan Kodo Pro has built-in a puff counter and a timer. When the device is working for more than 0.5S then the puff counter count is 1. Notably, when counting to 9999 puff, the counter will be automatically cleared.

This is a fairly affordable pocket device, only the size of a thumb, compatible with all sizes of 510 atomizers, and it meets your daily needs, it is worth a try!

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