Yocan Kodo Pro About the use of atomizers

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Yocan Kodo Pro About the use of atomizers

Post by Sky » Fri Jul 05, 2024 4:30 am

Yocan Kodo pro is one of Yocan's excellent cart batteries that has been on the market for nearly 2 years. After a long period of verification, it is a very excellent product. Its convenient and fast 510 thread interface has largely solved the problem of some friends who customize 510 thread atomizers. Many people carry it for travel or outdoor activities, and its small size is still fresh in our memory. It carries all the functions developed by the Yocan family in the early days. I have to admit that it is still so eye-catching.
Questions about using Kodo pro
Some of the recent problems fans have encountered with Yocan Kodo pro cart batteries are summarized as follows
1. Short circuit, many cartridges have been replaced
2. Report that the wires inside are always disconnected from the main contacts, causing short circuits and "no atomizer" warnings
Customers report that the battery is fully charged and still cannot be used. Plug in the charger and it lights up, but cannot be used.
3. Smoke after inserting the cartridge
Summary of problems and solutions
First of all, I need to pay attention to the atomizer of Kodo pro cart battery: you must make sure that the atomizer complies with the 510 thread interface. When your atomizer does not have this interface, it may lead to a series of problems later. Especially when you forcibly install an atomizer of other thread models, it is easy to cause damage to the atomizer interface or thread, resulting in poor contact between the atomizer and the battery or "no atomizer" warning and other problems.
Secondly, we need to pay attention to whether the atomizer resistance of the Kodo pro cart battery matches. Everyone knows the resistance value of the Kodo pro atomizer. Please do not choose a 510 atomizer that is greater than the resistance value. Fans who still don't know, please click Yocan Kodo pro user manual for reference.
Finally, we need to note that after a long period of use, the battery life of the Yocan Kodo pro cart battery will slowly begin to decline. We need to check the use of the device at any time. It is recommended that fans who have used it for more than one year replace it with a new Yocan Kodo pro or Yocan's latest cart battery series.
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