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Yocan Loaded 1400mAh Vaporizer Starter Kit

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Yocan Loaded Vape Pen Review - torontovaporizer

Post by Saloon2019 » Sun Feb 17, 2019 10:23 pm

How it Works
The Loaded is simple to use and operate, starting with the first step of loading the desired atomizer with your wax material. After loading it up and snapping the atomizer in, you’re almost ready to go.

Five rapid clicks of the power button will turn the device on, while a quick triple click will adjust the temperature setting. At that point, just hold down the power button to engage the heater and away you go!Yocan Loaded available colors

Yocan Loaded power buttonTemperature Flexibility
The Loaded comes with three pre-determined temperature/voltage settings. This is plenty of room for versatility for amateur and beginner users, however, experienced enthusiasts would definitely fare better with something with precise temperature control.

It does the trick, however, it leaves a little bit to be desired, especially at the $85 price point.

Vapor Quality
The quad coil atomizer hits hard! You can definitely load up a large chunk of wax to make use of all that surface area to generate powerful, heavy hits. Large, flavorful clouds will be thrown out no problem.

For smaller, more reasonable sized hits, the dual-quartz atomizer does a great job too. The relatively short vapor path does make the hits rather harsh, however, and those large quad-coil hits will definitely leave your lungs more than irritated.

Manufacturing Quality
With all of Yocans gear, it’s well made though nothing mind-blowing or luxurious. Included in the box is a basic kit including the battery, the dual and quad quartz atomizers, silicone storage compartment, dabbing tool, charger, and the user manual. There are a few design choices that we appreciate as well.

The dual chamber magnetic silicone container on the bottom of the device is super useful to carrying your concentrates on the go, reducing your overall carry bulk down to just one device. The retractable mouthpiece helps keep the size down while protecting it, and the magnetic loading tray to swap between coils is convenient and easy to use.

Battery Life
With a 1400mAh battery, you’re given plenty of juice to get hit after hit after hit without worrying about running flat. Taking roughly 3 hours to top up from flat until full, you’ll be set for a few days without needing to think about topping up again – unless you take a lot of hits throughout the day.

Unfortunately, the battery isn’t user replaceable and when the battery does reach the inevitable end of its lifespan, you’ll be left with a rather expensive paperweight.

A little thicker than your average wax pen vaporizer, the Yocan Loaded is still easily portable and slips well into any pocket or bag.

The aforementioned silicone carry container on the bottom of the device also allows you to keep a good amount of material ready to go when out and about. It feels rather sturdy and I’d trust it to take a few hard knocks and falls without being affected too much. Don’t test this theory though!

Ease of Use
As with most beginner-focused vaporizers, the Loaded is very simple to use with its one-button operation. The magnetic coil swapping process is seamless and simple, further adding to the streamlined function of the device.

Cleaning is also quite simple, as you can easily throw the atomizers into a small glass of isopropyl alcohol to get rid of any build-up and residue.

Taking on the appearance of your average e-juice vaporizer, most people won’t think to look twice if they see you taking a hit from it.

Still, keep in mind any odor that comes out when using it! At only 5” tall, it can be easily palmed by the average hand to hide away entirely if needed as well.

Overall Experience
The Loaded is a pretty solid choice if you want the ability to take really heavy, powerful hits with the quad quartz atomizer. Not many devices come with that setup, so if you’re in the market for the cheapest, heaviest hitting vape, the Loaded might be the right choice for you.

Combined with a good battery life, convenient storage container, easily swapped atomizers, and retractable mouthpiece, we’re left with a good feeling about the Loaded!
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