Magneto battery issue and overheating

The Yocan Magneto vaporizer is a magnetic connection device that is an all-in-one system for convenient use.

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Magneto battery issue and overheating

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I bought my Magneto about two months ago. It worked fine last night.

Today, it WILL NOT charge and blinks FOUR times before shutting off.
IF I can get the red light to go on, it will stay on for only about fifteen seconds before going out again.

I have already cleaned all the contacts, the battery pack, and the coil to make sure there is a clean connection.
No change. This sucker just won’t charge.

And yes, I am using the charging cable that came with it.

I don’t have the receipt for it, because after a month I figured it was ok...and I doubt the retailer will refund me.

Any suggestions, short of purchasing a new device?
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