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The Yocan Magneto vaporizer is a magnetic connection device that is an all-in-one system for convenient use.

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Yocan Magneto: a typical simplified starter kit - agog5

Post by DaisyVape » Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:39 am

This Yocan magneto vape pen review post from agog5.
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Here we go, vaping on with Yocan magneto vape pen.

In the world of portable vaporizers, manufacturers have always strived for ease of use when it comes to setting up and maintaining their devices. This is why more and more vaporizers are moving towards the use of magnets in order to achieve quick and simple removal and assembly of parts. The Yocan Magneto concentrate Pen can be considered the current pinnacle of this current trend with its heavy use of magnetic connections. But does the simplicity of the Yocan Magneto come with a cost or does it manage to avoid the pitfalls of your typical simplified starter kit? Let's find out in the review down below.

Key Features
As the name implies, the Yocan Magneto hosts a variety of magnetic connections to make it easier for you to quickly snap parts on and off with ease. Namely the mouthpiece and coil cap feature a magnetic assembly that doesn't require any annoying threading, making for a smooth and seamless experience when taking apart and putting the device back together in between sessions.

As part of the ceramic coil's assembly, a built-in concentrate tool is also included and is attached to the coil assembly using guess what, you know it – magnets. Not only does this enable you to keep your concentrate tool close at hand at all times, but lets you take it out and stow it away for a hassle-free experience so you'll never have to worry about misplacing your concentrate tool ever again.

The compact and non-descript design of the Yocan Magneto makes it a great option for potential stealth vaping sessions. Being easy to slip in and out of your pocket, the device with its small form factor and relatively low weight make a great travel companion for when vaping with more garish and bulkier vaporizers isn't an option.

Magnetic assembly makes setup and maintenance a breeze
Above average vapor quality
Decent battery life
Small form factor design makes taking the device with you a breeze
Built-in magnetic dabber is very handy
Dabber isn't very efficient at placing your concentrate in its optimal position
Lack of temperature control

Temperature Selection
When it comes to the selectable temperature range, the Yocan Magneto doesn't have much to offer, unfortunately. Without the option to select a specific temperature setting or even the ability to select from a range of temperature presets (a common feature seen in other portable vaporizers), you're stuck with the default setting. The Yocan Magneto does, however, allow you to pulse the firing of the device by holding and releasing the power button to get your desired output.

Vapor Quality
For a device of its size and stature, the Yocan Magneto manages to output some decent vapor. The multi-layered ceramic coil assembly pays off in dividends when it comes to producing a clean and pure vapor whenever the device is activated. Temperature ramp-up times are also a strong point for this device as the time it takes for the Yocan Magneto to produce a good hit is close to negligible.

Bear in mind though that the device works best with smaller loads or doses of concentrate concentrate. Overloading the chamber can cause a small delay in heating up the material to satisfactory temperatures. Another reason to avoid loading the chamber with too much concentrate is that the included dabbing tool has the tendency to push excess concentrate over to the side of the coil where it doesn't get vaporized and is essentially wasted.

The Yocan Magneto certainly won't be winning any beauty contests anytime soon. What you get is a straightforward device geared towards vaping concentrates with a no-nonsense look that basically means business. While the aesthetic design of the Yocan Magneto is pretty bare-bones, the same can't be said about its build quality, fortunately. Holding the device in hand gives you a very solid feel and it instantly becomes very apparent that Yocan didn't cut any corners regarding the materials used.

The magnetic connections work perfectly to deliver a no-frills approach when it comes to setting up or maintaining the Yocan Magneto as each and every one of the parts connected magnetically snap on and off smoothly. Including the dabbing tool as part of the device itself is a nice touch as it lets you take it wherever the device goes without having to store it separately although Yocan needs to pay better attention to its actual ability to concentrates properly with minimal waste.

The Yocan Magneto is powered by an eGo style 1100mAh battery. While the battery might feel lacking especially when compared to devices using batteries rated at 2000mAh or higher, the overall size, portability, and low required output more than make up for the small battery. Depending on your usage, it's safe to assume you can get around 1-3 days of use out of the Yocan Magneto on a single charge. Charging the device fully requires around a maximum of 2.5 hours and is easily achieved via the Yocan Magneto's micro USB port and the included charging cable.
source: agog5 - Yocan Magneto Vape Review
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