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The Yocan Magneto vaporizer is a magnetic connection device that is an all-in-one system for convenient use.

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Yocan Magneto Review - torontovaporizer

Post by DaisyVape » Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:22 am

This Yocan magneto review article from torontovaporizer.

How it Works
To load the Magneto, slide off the mouthpiece to expose the atomizer. Next, remove the magnetic atomizer cap, which also acts as your loading tool.

With most concentrate vape pens, you apply your concentrate directly to the atomizer when loading the device. The Magneto looks to make things a little easier with the aforementioned loading tool.

Instead of loading the concentrate to the atomizer directly, you load you concentrate on the tip of the loading tool/atomizer cap. That loading tool then snaps onto the top of the atomizer with a magnet, perfectly positioning your concentrate above the heating element.

Next your snap the mouthpiece back into place and you are just about ready to vaporize. Next, you will want to turn the device on. 5 quick pushes on the power button will turn the device on. Now you simply press and hold the power button while drawing from the mouthpiece.

This device works best when you try to keep the unit vertical, allowing your concentrate to drip directly on the heating element. If you hold it horizontally, chances are your concentrate will melt and drip onto the sides of the unit missing the atomizer completely.

Temperature Flexibility
The Magneto does not have any type of temperature control or flexibility. The only way you can regulate the temperature of this device is by manually pressing and releasing the power button to keep the temperature around where you want it.

The device is capable of reaching fairly high temperatures, though the actual temperature is not specified in the manual.

Vapor Quality
We were able to achieve some nice vapor production with the Magneto. The unit is better at handling smaller loads rather than larger loads.

Without temperature control you really can’t fine tune your vapor experience, you simply have to guess when to release the power button based on the irritation in your throat.

The one negative about the vapor quality is that there is a slight metallic taste coming from the coils which has yet to subside. It’s not enough to overpower the flavor of your concentrates but it is not nearly as pure as a unit like the Source Orb 4.

Manufacturing Quality
The Magneto appears to be well constructed. The atomizer lid and mouthpiece both incorporate strong magnets that snap the respective parts into place.

The unique loading style of the Magneto is really what sets it apart from other concentrate pens. We really like the simplicity and user-friendly nature of this approach, but it does have some caveats.

We found this method is not the most efficient and you will often find a portion of your concentrate pool in the cup of the loading tool because it is too far away from the heating element to be properly vaporized.

We also found for best results that your concentrate has to be on the tip of the loading tool just like a traditional concentrate tool. If you mash your concentrate further into the loading tool, deep into the cup, it won’t melt properly onto the heating element.

So while we liked the idea of the easy loading magnetic cap, it definitely needs some improvement in order to be a truly viable alternative to just loading the concentrate directly onto the coils.

Battery Life
The Magneto features an 1100 mah ego-style 510 threaded battery. This battery offers more capacity than most concentrate vape pens, which typically include a 650mah ego style 510 threaded battery.

This means you will be able to get more draws from the Magneto than you would other pens like the G-Pen or even Kandypens.

From our tests we were able to go several days of moderate use before we needed to charge the battery of the Magneto.

Charging the Magneto is really due to the micro USB slot in the side of the battery. We were happy to see a micro-USB input in a concentrate vape pen, as most pens still rely on charging the battery separately by twisting the 510 threaded connector into the charger.

To be honest, having to remove the battery from the unit just to charge it gets cumbersome after the while, so the simplicity of just plugging in a micro-USB is a welcome addition.

While the Yocan Magneto is technically a pen-style concentrate vaporizer, the larger battery capacity makes the unit closer to the size of a marker.

It is still perfectly portable and will easily slip into a pocket for easy transportation.

The unique loading style of the Magneto makes it a decent pen for on the go, eliminating the need to carry separate tools to load the chamber.

The Magneto also features a silicone carrying container built into the bottom of the battery which allows you to carry your concentrates together with your unit to make it even more portable.

Ease of Use
The Magneto is very straightforward to use, and with the unique loading method, it is more convenient than most concentrate vape pens on the market.

There is only one button and one temperature setting, which cuts down on the learning curve of the unit.

Overall this unit is very user-friendly and even the most novice of concentrate user should have no problem enjoying their concentrates right out of the box.

Overall Experience
After seeing countless concentrate pens that offer a variation on an age-old design, we were happy to see Yocan offer a breath of fresh air with the Magneto. The way you load the Magneto makes it stand apart from any other concentrate pen on the market, offering a more hassle-free experience.

Unfortunately, that revolutionary design is also the biggest pitfall with the Magneto. While the loading cap does remove the need to apply concentrate directly to the coil, it can be inefficient at times, often leaving concentrate on the loading tool that cannot be properly vaporized.

We really think this unit has great potential and if the loading cap was calibrated to be a bit closer to the internal heated element it may produce better results.

source: https://torontovaporizer.ca Yocan Magneto W ax Pen – Master of Magnetism
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