YOCAN ORBIT Honest review from reddit users

Yocan Orbit Vape Pen comes with Quartz Balls Coil, always let you dive into an immersive flavored vapor world

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YOCAN ORBIT Honest review from reddit users

Post by Michelle » Thu Jun 30, 2022 6:19 am

"After buying both, the YOCAN orbit is the clear winner by a long shot and it’s not even close. The YoCan quartz bucket atomizer with the terp pearls is a game-changer for both vapor production and flavor. This is the type of hand-held crucible vape device I’ve been waiting for to vape concentrates on the go and this pen nails it. This is the best personal pen I’ve used so far. I’ve used so many crappy shitty tasting coils, so in the past, i always avoided these things like the plague. That’s when I switched over to DT devices because flavor to me is critical when dabbing.

(How it compares to the Divine Tribe devices): I also own the DTV4 and DTV5 devices with a box top mod e-leaf pico running AF. I also was using a core 2.0, and i loved all 3. Those devices are all great, but annoying to clean and constantly maintain as the wax gets all over the place just by simple use. My gripe is none of those devices have any form of splash guards built into them. After using the DT devices for a few years I felt like I was spending more time cleaning them than actually using the device 🤣 which got old over time. This orbit design is nice because there’s a splash guard at the top of the mouthpiece so the only thing I’m finding that ever needs cleaning is a swab of the bucket and the airflow hole to be clear of blockage, other than that it’s super simple. You’re not spending hours on cleaning it or waiting for coils to soak in iso, etc.

The orbit is nice because just like a traditional banger on a rig you just swab it out to clean with q tips pretty simple. The swordfish coils are terrible and become flooded with wax and aren’t very good. Lookah needs to create either a ceramic cup/quartz crucible style atomizer in my opinion in order for the swordfish to compete with the orbit plain and simple. This post isn’t to hate on the DT at all because I myself am also a fanboy of their products. It’s to actually validate the point that YoCan has finally made a device where they’ve taken so many things into mind and I can say I’m impressed with this device.

In my stable of concentrate devices (DTV4, DTV5, core 2.0, coil king aio, swordfish, seahorse pro, Xmax Qomo, Puffco peak pro) this yocan device has become my daily driver."

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