Yocan Orbit Vape Pen comes with Quartz Balls Coil, always let you dive into an immersive flavored vapor world

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How to use Yocan's latest wax pen YOCAN ORBIT? The detailed steps/user's manual is as follows:

1. Recharge YOCAN ORBIT vape pen.
In order to give full play to the strongest power of the Yocan vape, please charge the pen for more than 2 hours after opening the box. The light is off, which means full charge!

2. Load the equipment with materials.
Prepare the concentrate of your choice before using Yocan Orbit wax Pen. It is suggested to start from the size of a grain of rice.

3. Just Pull out the glass mouthpiece of the Yocan orbit vape pen.

4. Use the included pick tool to load the concentrate into the coil-less quartz cup.

5. Gently push the glass mouthpiece toward the battery and press it tightly to make sure it doesn't come loose.

6. Press the power button 5 times to open the Yocan Orbit wax Pen.

7. Select voltage
Press the power button three times to select your favorite voltage setting, Yocan ORBIT has 3 adjustable voltages.
White-3.4 volts.
Blue-3.7 volts.
Green-4.0 volts.

8. Activate the preheat mode.
You can activate or turn off the preheat mode of Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen by pressing the power button twice.
Note: Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen uses a constant low temperature level of 3.4V for preheating.

9. Select mode.
On-demand mode: press and hold the button to start smoking e-cigarettes.
The corresponding color indicator lights up for 15s (15s Auto Cut-Off is protected by white light flashing 5 times and then).

Session mode: press the button to turn session mode on / off twice.
Lasts 15 seconds (automatic power-off protection for 15 seconds, white light flashes 5 times).

10. Enjoy your delicious trip.

11. Cleaning and maintenance of YOCAN ORBIT WAX PEN.
After each dab, use a q-tip to wipe off the residue from the battery and coil-less quartz cup when there is still a residual temperature.
Remove the Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen removable part of the glass mouthpiece is soaked in the ISO and wait for it to completely dry before installing the battery.
For battery maintenance of Yocan orbit, be sure to follow the charging instructions and use a special charger to avoid damaging the Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen battery.

For more Yocan vapes, pls visit Yocan's official website: www.yocan.com
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