Is Yocan Pillar a good e-rig?

Yocan Pillar is world’s first smart e-rig with TGT Technology. It’s the best travel E-rig vaporizer on 2023.

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Is Yocan Pillar a good e-rig?

Post by Sky » Mon Feb 20, 2023 3:44 am

Yocan Pillar is the newest portable e-rig for 2023. It has not been officially sold yet, but from the current feedback, everyone is very concerned about the performance of this product? The following content will give you a detailed introduction to Pillar.
For all electronic cigarette vaporizer equipment, when you get the product for the first time after purchase. It must be fully charged before use, which is good for improving the service life of the product and the battery. To start loading the wax concentrate, first remove the glass mouthpiece and separate the atomizer base from the mouthpiece. The Yocan Pillar electronic dab rig is magnetically connected, so it is very easy to disassemble. Use the spoon included with the product to fill the wax concentrate into the chamber. The spoon can help you fill with precision, effectively avoiding waste. Then reconnect the glass mouthpiece and the fuselage base to start using.
Like all electronic cigarette products, Yocan Pillar water filtered vaporizer can be turned on by quickly pressing the power 5 times, and the white light flashes 5 times. Shutdown Quickly press 5 times to shut down, accompanied by 5 slow flashes of the red light.
Three levels of voltage indicator design, the first level of 3.2V corresponds to the first light and the white light at the LOGO. The second gear 3.7V corresponds to the second white light, and the third gear 4.2V corresponds to the third light. When the power is low, when it is lower than 3.2V, there is no output for smoking, and the logo shows that the red light flashes 10 times, which means that the Yocan Pillar needs to be charged. In addition, there is a short-circuit reminder, when the LOGO shows that the red light flashes 5 times quickly and does not work. No-load prompt, 4 lights blink slowly 3 times at the same time, the white light does not work. When charging, the LOGO shows that the red light will gradually turn on and off, and the light will turn off when fully charged. Charging time only takes 2 hours.
After fully charged, take 30S as a puff, and you can take about 25 puffs. Of course, this is a test of your lung capacity. If the lung capacity is relatively small, the number of inhalations will be greatly increased, and the use time will also be extended accordingly.
There is no need to question the taste too much, because this product uses a TGT coil and includes two coils. Free replacement is possible. So there is no need to worry about the service life of this Yocan Pillar product. In terms of taste, the TGT coil is Yocan's exclusive patent, and it has been very popular since it was launched. This time Pillar is a brand new upgrade, the huge steam generated by TGT is combined with water filtration. The taste is more pure, smooth and moist than before.
At present, Yocan is also stepping up production, so that distributors around the world can start selling this product as soon as possible. If you are an atomizer retailer, but there is no Yocan product in your country, then Yocan Pillar must be your ideal choice. For product consultation, just search Yocan official website, 24-hour online service.
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