Yocan Pillar 2023 latest portable e-rig

Yocan Pillar is world’s first smart e-rig with TGT Technology. It’s the best travel E-rig vaporizer on 2023.

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Yocan Pillar 2023 latest portable e-rig

Post by Sky » Thu Feb 16, 2023 10:59 pm

Do you want to know who the newest e-rig on the market is? The answer is Yocan Pillar. Dab e-rig is becoming more and more popular among consumers because its taste is more pure compared to traditional e-cigarette atomizers. In addition they are also healthier through the filtration of water can effectively reduce part of the impurities of wax concentrates, not easy to hurt your lungs. So the future e-rig will become a mainstream product that the public likes and has great market potential.
If you are an electronic cigarette atomizer retailer or electronic dab rig fan. Then you should definitely pay attention to this product Yocan Pillar e-rig. For retailers, if you are still looking for a good product, or a good e-rig supplier. Then Yocan must be one of your choices. Pillar is a product that can make a huge difference to your business. e-rig lovers who are still struggling to pick a product that is cost effective, portable and tastes good. Then you should definitely pay attention to this product.
First of all when you look at this product, the zinc alloy metal body of its base and the high borosilicate glass mouthpiece will make you think it is very high end and stylish. The colors available are also very wide and the price is moderate. Compared to other electronic dab rig will have more room to choose. This product is also known as Yocan Pillar smart e-rig because it has two modes to choose from: smart mode and manual mode. With three levels of voltage customization and custom airflow valve control, it is easy for everyone to have a personalized experience. For retailers, Yocan has nearly 10 years of experience in R&D, production, design and processing in the e-cigarette atomizer industry. High-end production equipment, strict quality control, short delivery time, support OEM and ODM customization services.
The above is a brief introduction to the new e-rig that will be available on the market soon, hope it will help you.
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