Yocan UNI Box Mod In-Depth Review

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Yocan UNI Box Mod In-Depth Review

Post by sjhbrmex » Mon Dec 17, 2018 1:42 am

Yocan is pleased to introduce the new Yocan UNI Box Mod, which is the best device for oil consumption in the market today. It is the result of Yocan’s relentless effort to improve their products and services. Yocan always has a strong desire to provide an affordable, functional, practical, and versatile device, so the idea of developing a universal vaping device was born. Now, you don’t need to be confined to what a particular manufacturer has to offer because you can use any brand of cartridge. Yocan UNI can accommodate any type of cartridge without any hassle and difficulty. Yocan ensures the overall compatibility of Yocan UNI by using and outfitting the device with Yocan’s hallmark 510 threaded magnetic base connector, which is simply attached to the cartridge in a magnetic connection. It means seamless and enjoyable vaping experience like no other!


Best Features
Yocan UNI has a very unique design. It stands 3 inches tall and it’s portable and ultra-compact.
You can easily conceal it in the palm of your hands. It is a discreet and small box mod, catering to a wide array of cartridges specifically designed for essential oils. This mod box features all the things that vapers love about Yocan products including practicality, functionality, ease of use, and affordability. From what Yocan engineers learned from its predecessors, including the Yocan Hive, the Yocan Flick and the Yocan Stealth, they were able to design and manufacture the most advanced cartridge battery available on the market today. With Yocan UNI, it gives you the best things expected from Yocan which includes a big and built-in 650mAh battery that comes with Micro-USB charger. It uses a true magnetic connector ring screwed into a 510 threaded cartridge.
The variable diameter opening is what makes Yocan UNI truly unique. The opening is adjustable with the use of the dial at the top, that enables the device to accept almost any brand of 510 thread cartridge. Yocan UNI has also an adjustable height for the cartridges, which allows raising and lowering the cartridge to be compatibles with what you’re using. Yocan UNI Box Mod has 3 voltage settings with 3 light indicators above the button. The super convenient 10-second preheating function can be used by pressing the button twice, perfect for a really thick oil. With the window on the side of Yocan UNI, you’ll be able to see and check the material level to know when it is time to refill, which prevents burning cartridges and the discomfort inhaling the burnt material, as well as saving you time, money, and effort.

What Comes in the Box
Once you open your new Yocan UNI Mod Box, expect to contain the main device, 1 magnetic 510 base or thread connector ring, 1 micro-USB cable, and a user manual. The Yocan UNI Box Mod comes in different colors to best suit your lifestyle, including all silver, all black, black with silver, blue, and red.


Customization and Personalization
Yocan UNI brings customization and personalization to a higher level. Enjoy full customization by using any cartridge because Yocan UNI can adapt to any size, length, and type of any oil cartridge sold on the market today. What is the secret of this mod box? It is owed to its adjustable knobs found just beneath the lips of the device’s cartridge chamber. The adjustable lever is simply amazing, adjusting the height of the cartridge level for oil cartridges to achieve a perfect fit. Yes, it makes a perfectly comfortable and extraordinary vaping session. It won’t create any awkward feeling or an inconvenient look and feel unlike other vaporizers or box mod because the cartridge won’t simply fit. You can easily adjust your Yocan UNI to the next level of your cartridge for an easy and very convenient vaping session every time. It is a perfect and essential oil tool ever.

Yocan UNI In-Depth Review
The Yocan UNI Mod Box has been crafted with the extract consumers in mind that come from all walks of life. With universal functionality, the Yocan UNI was born with this concept. Yocan has always been committed and passionate in providing general consumers with a reliable and affordable box mod. Yocan UNI is equipped with 510 threaded magnetic adapters to ensure full compatibility on all cartridges yet still keep a stable flow of power which supplies the right amount of heat going to the cartridge. The magnetic parts are made from strongest and the best magnets available so different sizes of cartridges can fit in such a compact and device. These magnetic links promote the best heat conduction so you can enjoy the pure convenience. These 510 threaded magnetic connections have a snug fit and a very strong hold. There’s no need to be worried about dropping or losing your cartridges when they are in use. It means safe oil cartridges on 510 threaded magnetic link connections are utilized all throughout Yocan vaporizers.
With premium heating capabilities, Yocan UNI is incomparable with the average essential oil vaporizers today. The main heating functionality of Yocan UNI is the 10-second preheat feature, allowing you to prime cartridges prior to use. Just simply tap the power button twice to activate the preheat mode and it lasts for 10 seconds. It will help prepare your materials before you vape. When you’re done, just simply press the power button twice to deactivate this function. With the three temperature settings of Yocan UNI, you can activate the terpenes by using the low settings. On the other hand, the higher settings allow you to take advantage of the active ingredients with psychoactive as well as therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Every temperature profile (low, middle, and high) has a corresponding light just right above the power button. You can change the settings depending on your vaping session.

The Yocan UNI Box Mod is considered the box mod technology of the future. It boasts its revolutionary design, keeping Yocan at the top rank of the vaporizer industry and pushing what the current industry standard has to offer. It is the ultimate and first-ever universal box mod you’ll surely enjoy, so grab yours now. Now, you can enjoy and reap the best benefits of your favorite liquefied materials the universally compatible Yocan UNI Box Mod!

Source: https://damdaar.com/yocan-uni-box-mod-review/
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Re: Yocan UNI Box Mod In-Depth Review

Post by lv686191148 » Fri Feb 22, 2019 8:40 pm

Very detail review, thanks your sharing.
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Re: Yocan UNI Box Mod In-Depth Review

Post by ChristyVape » Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:57 pm

I like Yocan UNI,
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Re: Yocan UNI Box Mod In-Depth Review

Post by hans.aspergus » Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:54 am

The yocan uni is the best battery I’ve used in years.
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Re: Yocan UNI Box Mod In-Depth Review

Post by Angelmag » Sun Apr 07, 2019 10:54 pm

@@hans.aspergus Lol
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Re: Yocan UNI Box Mod In-Depth Review

Post by Eli6400 » Thu Jul 01, 2021 10:57 pm

Preheat Mode powers the atomizer without holding down the button. When the battery is on, usually you need to press the button 2 times fast to turn on the 15 second preheat. Or you may need to press 3 times or even very rarely to press and hold after pressing quickly 3times or even to also rarely yet press 1-5 times just to set the heat level even more still. We recommend using Preheat Mode when using an atomizer for wax/oil/shatter/etc. with your battery. This will heat your ***/atomizer nail to get it ready for your hit
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