Yocan UNI will not turn on despite full charge

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Yocan UNI will not turn on despite full charge

Post by dcml » Sun Apr 11, 2021 2:43 am

I have had a Yocan Uni for a while now and have been very happy with it. I am confident it is authentic and I know it is not defective as I have never had any issues with it until now.

However, a problem recently began where it will not turn on. I plug it in to charge, and two lights are solid while the third is blinking, indicating it's charging, and after a few seconds the lights indicate that it has finished charging and turn off. However, after unplugging the vaporizer from the charger and pressing the button the normal five times to turn it on, nothing happens. It does not blink to indicate that it's dead, or that it thinks there's no cartridge, or anything like that - the lights just do not go on at all. However, when I plug it back in, the lights turn on, so I know the lights themselves work. I have tried making sure that the cartridge is installed correctly and it did not change.

I appreciate your help!
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Re: Yocan UNI will not turn on despite full charge

Post by Jimmy » Sun Apr 18, 2021 10:39 pm

Sorry for the inconvenience.
How long have you used this vape mod?

I think your device wad died, please consider to change a new one.

If your device still within 90 days warranty, please contact our after-sale team at service@yocantech.com
If you want to review Yocan latest item, please fill out your info on www.yocan.com/r we will reply you ASAP.
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