Problem With Yocan UNI Pro Need Help Part 30 - Display Protector

The Yocan UNI Pro is a Box Mod that features universal compatibility with all oil cartridges. Yocan UNI Pro Wholesale:

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Problem With Yocan UNI Pro Need Help Part 30 - Display Protector

Post by Coco » Mon Nov 16, 2020 2:05 am

Problem With Yocan UNI Pro Need Help Part 30 - Display Protector
Some Yocan fans have problem with the UNI Pro vape mod need help. Read on and find out the best way to start your Yocan UNI Pro vape mod. Here we go.

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Here is a question from a Yocan UNI Pro user:

Hi, About a month ago I purchased your UNI Pro and it's totally rad. I recently noticed that there was a little protective "window" or something that was over the display on the device that has gone missing. I purchased this at retail and have the receipt, but I was one day outside of their warranty policy, which was 30 days, so they wouldn't cover an exchange. I ended up just purchasing a new UNI Pro from them instead and will keep my original one as a backup device for now.

However, I'm worried about long term issues without this window protecting from dust and dirt. Is there any way I can purchase a replacement "window" or I'm not sure what to call it? On the new one it looks like a long hexagonal shaped flat piece of plastic.

Thanks and seriously the UNI Pro is an awesome device.

Thanks for choosing our product.
All Yocan vapes have 3 months warranty period, more detail refer to this page: ... s-service/

As for the display glass protector, if you can find this piece of glass, I think you can re-install.
If you still can't fix it, you can fill out the form to get support from Yocan Mfg directly.
Collect all questions about Yocan, and 're-post' on this forum. Any question, please post it, our staff will response ASAP. Stay safe and healthy.
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