Yocan UNI Pro Vape Tricks 54 - Vape Warranty Policy

The Yocan UNI Pro is a Box Mod that features universal compatibility with all oil cartridges. Yocan UNI Pro Wholesale: info@yocantech.com.

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Yocan UNI Pro Vape Tricks 54 - Vape Warranty Policy

Post by Coco » Mon Dec 28, 2020 9:42 pm

Yocan UNI Pro Vape Tricks 54 - Warranty policy
Any questions during your use the Yocan device, like UNI Pro vape mod? Read this thread and find out the best way to start your Yocan UNI Pro.

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Here is a question from a Yocan UNI Pro user:

Bad battery store claims u will warranty it for up to 6 months had it for a day didnt work out of the box store was not helpful

Yes or no, you can claim warrant from us, but the warranty period is 90 days
If your device within warranty period, please contact our after-sale team at service@yocantech.com
Collect all questions about Yocan, and 're-post' on this forum. Any question, please post it, our staff will response ASAP. Stay safe and healthy.
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