Yocan UNI S portable box mod review

The Yocan UNI S is equipped with 10sec preheat function which is best for preparing your materials before use. Learn more on Yocan.com

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Yocan UNI S portable box mod review

Post by Coco » Fri Mar 26, 2021 5:36 am

Do you want to try some awesome thc cartridges?
If so, you have grab a nice vape fit your thc cart. We provide new item the Yocan UNI S, a new member of UNI service. Read this thread before you buy it.
Yocan UNI S portable box mod review from de_argh
01 - Yocan UNI S - ig -happy_daze_frankfort.jpg
Yocan UNI S box mod credit: happy_daze_frankfort
01 - Yocan UNI S - ig -happy_daze_frankfort.jpg (85.51 KiB) Viewed 2298 times
My first impression of the Uni S is that it is build like a tank. The case is all metal. The entire thing is very well made and feels great in the hand. It definitely has a high end feeling.

Good durability

The case is all metal. The adjustment height and width wheel and button are also metal. My biggest complaint with the original Uni and Pro is the durability. Neither survived more than a couple of drops. I believe the Uni S solves the durability issues I've had with the product line. I performed several drop tests with the Uni S onto hardwood floors without any apparent damage. Like I said, this thing is build like a tank.

The Yocan UNI S compact box mod
The Uni S is tiny. It's barley 2.25 inches tall and 1.24 inches wide. Yocan lists the size at 61x31.5x32 millimeters. In comparison, the original Uni is almost an inch taller. The size is great for using on the go. The entire thing with cartridge literally fits in a closed fist.

Preheat mod is nice for your thc carts

The features are pretty standard with preheat, 3 different temperature settings, pass thru charging, magnetic cartridge attachment, adjustable cartridge height and width. Operation is also pretty standard with 2 clicks for preheat, 3 clicks for power change, and 5 clicks to turn the device off and on.

Preset 3 voltage levels

I'm very pleased the Uni S has lower power options with 2.5v, 3.0v, and 3.5v. In comparison the original Uni is 3.4v, 3.8v, and 4.2v. I very much prefer the lower power vaping. The preheat voltage is 1.8v. I use the preheat feature frequently as I'm in a colder climate, and it works well.

Battery & Type-C charge port
I had to look through the instruction manual to find the battery capacity. It is a 400 mAh battery. The original Uni battery is 650 mAh. I suspect this was necessary due to the size. Regardless, the battery easily lasts through a full day of very heavy use. The USB-C charging is a welcomed change, however I wish the USB-C cable inserted completely. This is the only negativity I could find with the product after a couple of days of heavy use.
Yocan UNI S sea blue version 20210326173554.png
Yocan UNI S
Yocan UNI S sea blue version 20210326173554.png (171.95 KiB) Viewed 2299 times
In summary, the Yocan Uni S is a solidly built unit. It is very small and has a fantastic hand feel. It is a very fitting successor to the Uni product line. In my opinion, it is better built, more compact, more accepting of any cartridge, and overall a better and significantly less expensive option than other premium battery options today. The Uni S is my new daily driver, and I couldn't be more pleased with it.
This Yocan UNI S Review post source from Reddit, and original author is de_argh

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