Why Do You Need the Yocan Verve Auto-Inhale-Activated Battery?

Yocan Verve features 3 adjustable voltage levels, allowing you to switch between 2.6V, 3.2V, and 3.8V effortlessly with just three inhalations within 2 seconds.

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Why Do You Need the Yocan Verve Auto-Inhale-Activated Battery?

Post by Sky » Wed Sep 20, 2023 11:16 pm

Yocan Verve is an auto-draw 510 vape battery with a built-in airflow sensor that is triggered when the 510-threaded cart is inhaled. The Yocan Verve kicks in and the atomizer starts to heat up and produce a lot of vapor. The following content will detail the benefits of using the Yocan Verve auto-inhale-activated battery.
The best choice for beginners
The Yocan Verve auto draw 510 vape battery does not require any buttons to control the adjustments while using it. This is very user-friendly for some novice users who don't have to spend time reading complicated instructions. It can be easily controlled with just the airflow from your mouth, just like smoking a traditional vape.
The Auto Inhale Battery provides a consistent vaporizing experience every time you vape because the heating element is automatically activated when you inhale. This leads to a predictable and more satisfying vaporizing experience.
Supports Voltage Adjustment
Most auto-draw vape batteries on the market just mimic the way a traditional cigarette is drawn. But it doesn't support voltage adjustment, Yocan Verve auto inhale activated vape battery supports three levels of controllable voltage adjustment. The voltage range is (2.6V - 3.8V) and users can customize the vapor experience.

No risk of accidental activation
Usually, manual batteries with buttons that are kept in your pocket may cause the device to activate due to accidental touching of the button. Causing some risk of burns. Yocan Verve auto draw 510 vape battery can only be controlled by airflow, which effectively reduces the risk of accidental activation and potential concentrate simulation leakage.
Longer Battery Life
Verve auto-draw batteries typically have a longer battery life than manual batteries with push buttons. This is because the Yocan Verve only activates when you inhale, saving battery power.
The above is a detailed description of the advantages of using the Verve auto draw 510 vape battery. We hope that the Yocan Verve is something that you will enjoy and continue to enhance your vaporizing experience.
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