The Definitive Vaping Terminology for 2019[w]

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The Definitive Vaping Terminology for 2019[w]

Post by jxtemgwr » Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:31 am

Watts is a measurement of power that is the function of the voltage of your electronic cigarette or mod and the resistance of your atomizer or cartomizer. Watts = Voltage (squared) of your device divided by the resistance of your atomizer or cartomizer.

Wicks are used to deliver e-liquid to the coil in electronic cigarettes. Most atomizers use a wicks that are most commonly made with organic cotton. Before cotton the most common wicking material was silica cord. However, wicks can also be made from rolled up steel mesh, fiberglass, and ceramic materials. Ceramics is a fast-growing segment of the vape industry.

The process of osmosis where more concentrated fluid moves to an area of lesser concentration in an effort to find equilibrium.

Generally refers to resistance wire used in building coils for atomizers.

One revolution of a wire during the process of building coils. Wrap refers to the process of “wrapping” a wire around a tool, usually a coil jig or drill bit or even a screwdriver.

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