New Zealand Introduces E-Cigarette Restrictions to Curb Teen Use

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New Zealand Introduces E-Cigarette Restrictions to Curb Teen Use

Post by Howie » Tue Jun 13, 2023 5:48 am

On June 8th, according to a report from New Zealand media outlet 1news, the government of New Zealand announced new regulations aimed at restricting the use of e-cigarettes amongst teenagers. These regulations include the ban on sales of disposable e-cigarette products and the change of name for flavored e-cigarettes to reduce their appeal to minors. However, some retailers have expressed concern that these plans may have a negative impact on e-cigarette use amongst young people, but argue that they have not been given sufficient time to adjust. This could lead to an expansion of the black market for e-cigarettes.
According to data from the New Zealand Ministry of Health, the daily smoking rate has decreased by half over the past 10 years, but the decline is attributed to the use of updated electronic cigarette products replacing traditional cigarettes.
Fans of the television series "Breaking Bad" will enjoy the Heisenberg Slush flavor, named after the main character's alias, while Sour Batch e-cigarette liquid clearly draws inspiration from children's candy, offering Gummy Bear and Skittle flavors.
According to new regulations, these names may need to be changed, resulting in Heisenberg's blue product potentially becoming a more common "blueberry.Hachi stated that this may decrease the appeal of electronic cigarettes to young people, but the packaging and tactile feel of electronic cigarettes may still remain attractive.
There is a risk of a black market emerging.Starting in November, customers in New Zealand will no longer be able to purchase disposable electronic cigarettes, but will instead only be able to buy devices with removable or replaceable batteries, in accordance with the government's plan.
Disposable e-cigarettes are very user-friendly, while open systems can be somewhat cumbersome as they require coil replacement and refilling of liquid, which can sometimes result in leakage.
Karlbenda explained to the media the reasons for the popularity of disposable products.People can go out at night and simply pick up a $10 or $12 disposable e-cigarette to use and discard by the end of the night.
After the new regulations take effect, stores selling e-cigarettes will no longer be able to sell disposable e-cigarettes. They will only be allowed to sell e-cigarettes with tobacco, mint, or menthol flavors.
The new regulations represent the first phase of the government's plan to change electronic cigarette use, with the second phase focusing on providing young people with alternative methods for quitting smoking.

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