Yocan iCan is a stylish dab e rigs

Yocan iCan e-rigs is a new generation of e-rigs with stylish appearance and powerful functions .1100 mAh super-large battery unrivalled battery life.

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Yocan iCan is a stylish dab e rigs

Post by Sky » Thu Jul 11, 2024 5:59 am

Finally Yocan iCan dab e rigs are on the market. We can see what it looks like on the official website of the Yocan manufacturer. To be honest, it is very stunning and it is my favorite e rigs.
Stylish colors for Yocan iCan e rigs
Yocan iCan has six colors to choose from. They are black, white, purple, green, teal, and peach. Each color combination is soft and coordinated, without any harsh feeling. It is a very warm Yocan e rigs vaporizer.
Yocan iCan e rig body design
The Yocan iCan e rig combines the anti-slip design of the grooves on the fuselage and blends in seamlessly with the RGB ambient lighting. The regular stripes are not messy, especially when the RGB atmosphere is turned on, they become unique and dazzling. The entire body is in a round shape, and its diameter is the size of a palm, making it very suitable for carrying.
Yocan iCan e dab rig body proportions
The upper part of Yocan iCan e dab rig is one of the six colors, and the lower part is a transparent cup. This design proportion makes it bright. It does not become monotonous and dull because of a single color. Instead, it is an atmospheric and simple fashion element that makes people remember it deeply.

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