Yocan Orbit is the closest you can get to an authentic DAB

Yocan Orbit Vape Pen comes with Quartz Balls Coil, always let you dive into an immersive flavored vapor world

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Yocan Orbit is the closest you can get to an authentic DAB

Post by Michelle » Wed Apr 27, 2022 5:39 am

The Dabconnection team reviewed: "The Yocan Orbit is the closest you’ll get to an authentic dab with its unique cutting-edge design"

"The Yocan Orbit is their latest groundbreaking wax pen, the first one to utilize spinning terp pearls to provide the user a much more rewarding experience than other wax pens. The Orbit wax pen is a huge step up from other Yocan products that mostly use titanium coils, which always runs the risk of overheating your extracts. As a solution, the Yocan Orbit uses a coil-less quartz cup above a fixed coil. This similar feature can be also seen in the atomizers used in E-rigs such as the Waxmaid Ares and other wax vaporizers like the Pulsar APX V3 Volt. Although the strength of the Pulsar APX Wax & Volt is more powerful, the flavor coming off the Orbit tastes cleaner and smoother."

Learn more review details: https://dabconnection.com/reviews/wax-pens/yocan-orbit/

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