Yocan UNI Pro Vapor Tricks Part 9 - Plastic Body Q&A

The Yocan UNI Pro is a Box Mod that features universal compatibility with all oil cartridges. Yocan UNI Pro Wholesale: info@yocantech.com.

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Yocan UNI Pro Vapor Tricks Part 9 - Plastic Body Q&A

Post by Coco » Mon Nov 09, 2020 4:06 am

Yocan UNI Pro Vapor Tricks Part 9 - Plastic Body Q&A
Some new Yocan fans don't know much vapor tricks, and ask us share more about that. Read on and find out the best way to start the Yocan UNI Pro vape mod. Here we go.

Here is a question from a Yocan UNI Pro user:

I had purchased numerous times from your website and recently not too long ago I had purchased (3) yocan uni’s. unlike the hive 2.0 and some of the other items offered this one is not Durable at all.

The fact that this is the second time this has happened in such a short amount of time it’s very upsetting and I’m hoping you can assist me in regards to this or a potential Suitable replacement. Is the Uni pro made of stronger material than the regular uni?

The Yocan UNI Pro is the upgrade version from original Yocan UNI vape mode. This item design with a OLED display, shows all information when you vaping.
If you want to metallic body vape device, please have a glance another version of Yocan UNI series, here is the link: www.yocan.com/featured_item/uni-s

As for the after-sale issues, please contact our support team directly at service@yocantech.com

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