How Much is a Yocan Zen Wax Dab Pen?

Yocan Zen dab pen vaporizer innovative Ceramic & Diatomaceous Earth Coil, with large vapor volume, provides you with the purest vapor flavor every time.

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How Much is a Yocan Zen Wax Dab Pen?

Post by Sky » Mon Nov 13, 2023 12:58 am

The Yocan Zen wax dab pen is a portable and discreet device. Powered by a 650 mAh battery, the concentrate is heated in the Yocan C4-DE coil, creating a large amount of vapor that the user can inhale. Using the Yocan Zen best pen for dabs allows concentrate enthusiasts to enjoy cannabis extracts more efficiently and conveniently.
The following content will detail the cost of using a Yocan Zen wax dab pen.
The official retail price of the Yocan Zen wax dab pen is $39.99. The price is right and it is an affordable dab pen. If you are new to dabbing, this portable Yocan Zen dab pen must be your best choice.
There are multiple advantages to using the Yocan Zen best pen for dabs, firstly, it provides smooth and delicious vapor, allowing you to fully enjoy the flavor of your concentrates. Secondly, three adjustable voltage options and precise temperature control ensure you can tailor your dabbing experience to your liking. Finally, the Yocan C4-DE coil heats your concentrate efficiently and evenly without wasting any of your concentrate.

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