Celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday with Yocan Vaporizer Manufacturer

Win Free Vape Gear with Yocan weekly Vaping Giveaways. You can win yourself some awesome free vape gear by entering our vape giveaways.
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Celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday with Yocan Vaporizer Manufacturer

Post by Sky » Wed Nov 22, 2023 10:09 pm

Yocan official wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday and hopes that everyone who sees this post will have a wonderful holiday. Get ready to enjoy a grand vaporizer giveaway on the official Yocan website!
7 winners and 15 prizes have been prepared for this event. The top 5 winners will each receive two or more prizes simultaneously.
Want to be among the top 7 winners? Get multiple high-quality vaporizers for free. Just enter Yocan's official Black Friday giveaway event page during the event period (November 15, 2023 - November 27, 2023), complete the tasks in the event, and get extra points. The final winners will be ranked based on the accumulated points after the event, and the top 7 winners will be selected!
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Yocan vaporizer manufacturer thanksgiving giveaway
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Yocan vaporizer manufacturer provides the prizes for this event, and all prizes are the latest vaporizer equipment of Yocan. Among them, the most anticipated one is the Yocan Zen wax dab pen which uses the latest C4-DE coil technology. As long as you persist in completing the tasks every day to gain extra points and become the top 7 winners, you will have the opportunity to receive this portable Yocan Zen dab pen.

In addition, Yocan official retail site also offers large discounts and discounts. Get 20% off when you spend $75 or more, and get 25% off when you spend $150 or more! The discount event ends on November 27, 2023.
There are currently 5 days left in Yocan’s official Black Friday giveaway event, and opportunities are limited. Come and join the event! Finally, I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!
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